World Values Day 2018

Evidence (and our experience with clients) shows that organizations with values strongly embedded in their culture perform better and have higher levels of stakeholder engagement and satisfaction. Yet, there is often a gap between how people could live those values and how they actually behave – the ‘values gap’.

Participating in World Values Day can help to bridge that gap. It is an opportunity to reflect on your corporate values (or draft them if you don’t have any) and act on them as a team. The framework helps to re-energize your values and make them tangible – more than just words tucked into a strategic plan or plastered on a wall. This year’s theme is “values in the community” and on Thursday, October 18th, we’re encouraging clients and friends of Omni MCA to participate in World Values Day with thousands of people around the globe.

It’s simple!

1. Choose a corporate value that’s important to your team.
2. Take action to put that value into practice in a way that makes a positive impact in your community. Keep it simple. For ideas, check out the infographic put together to celebrate World Values Day 2017.
3. Share your action. Take a selfie using the “WE VALUE…” template and share on social media using the hashtag #WorldValuesDay. Add a fun photo, video or gif to your post!
4. (Optional!) Work with Omni MCA to develop a custom program for your team that goes beyond World Values Day.

“Values are what make us who we are. They are the compass guiding everything we do – our choices and our actions.
When we forget that compass, we take the wrong turn.”

Stay tuned to our Omni MCA Twitter and Facebook pages on October 18th to see how we’re living our values!

Need help facilitating a World Values Day conversation or drafting your own set of values? Let’s talk!