In our last post, we spoke about the meaning behind the Omni MCA brand promise, “We’ll see it through.”

For Omni MCA, it’s a commitment to our clients to see them through to the end of the project, to help them with tough tasks, to provide ongoing support. But how do we do that – practically speaking? Well, one of the ways we “See it through” is business coaching services. We work with clients on an ongoing basis to help them set goals, reach those goals faster, make better decisions and generally improve business performance. These coaching sessions typically take place every couple of weeks (face-to-face or by web conference) and last for 2-3 hours. The meeting topics differ from client to client, but usually involve discussion of ongoing issues, current concerns and introduction of new business concepts, topics or trends. The ultimate purpose is to provide our entrepreneurs with practical guidance to keep their business, and themselves, on track.

Business coaching is not leadership coaching – we know and refer to leadership coaches that are much better at facilitating behavioural change and transforming the quality of the leader’s working and personal life. We’re more technically oriented, focusing on business fundamentals like finance, human resources, strategy and marketing. We’re there to bounce ideas around, to hold clients accountable, to challenge thinking and introduce new ideas.

All entrepreneurs are advised to have a network of professionals they reach out to for assistance. At the top of that list is always a lawyer and an accountant. We think business coach/consultant should be on there as well (maybe #1!).