It is with great pleasure that we announce the addition of a new Associate, Amy Kellestine (she/hers), to Omni Management Consulting Alliance.

After successfully working on several Omni projects, she has quickly become a valued consultant to our clients. It was only right to make it official.

Amy brings a vast array of experience and qualifications to Omni including a BASc (Civil Engineering), a BEd, and certifications in Adult Education, Business Analysis, Change Management, Coaching, and Embodied Social Justice.

Amy is currently hard at work supporting a long-term Omni client with an Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Audit, in addition to planning the organizations’ Day for Truth and Reconciliation. Amy is developing and delivering several courses including the Ethics of Unconscious Bias as we see more associations and businesses looking for guidance and education in this area. As well, Amy continues to coach managers new to the world of leadership.

Learn more about Amy by checking out her biography and feel free to welcome her to our group by email at or by phone at (780) 660-3102.