Team Accountability

Our management consultants are skilled at developing strategies, programs, policies and plans for our clients to take them to the next level of their growth. Key to all of those is implementation by a strong team.

Like the organization itself, often the management team is also striving to reach the next level of their professional development.

Omni MCA offers a series of concise training conversations to help develop leadership skills and build implementation capacity through the entire organization.

“A change in strategy should result in a change to how the entire organization thinks and behaves.”

Chris Taylor, Actionable Founder & CEO

We work with business owners and leaders to understand where the organization wants to go, and what leadership talent is required to achieve those goals.

We then customize a Team Development Program that is aligned to the strategic direction of the organization. It builds on current strengths and addresses the gaps that we identified in our consultations and assessments.

Omni MCA then delivers a series of tailored conversations that address leading self, leading others and leading the organization.

We believe in the power of authentic conversations to drive culture change.

Our approach is a bit different than traditional programs. Rather than overwhelming multi-day workshops, our program consists of a series of short, on-site learning conversations (less than half a day), followed by ongoing coaching and support over the following 30 days. With their colleagues, participants will learn key leadership concepts and discuss them through the lens of real issues they are practically working through.

We believe in the power of building new habits to drive change.

Leveraging our partnership with Actionable, we utilize the Habit Builder technology to help teams commit to changes in their habits and behavior that align with the goals of the company. Each participant will be asked to make a commitment to implement what they learned and over the following 30 days, will be reminded (be email or SMS) to check-in on their commitment.

We know Learning ≠ Outcomes

Organizations can use data from the Habit Builder platform to understand where change is happening, if gaps exist, and how leaders are working with their teams to drive change.

We know the equation for effective learning, and it’s this:
Learning + Behavior Change = Skill Outcomes → Business Outcomes

The Omni MCA Leadership Development Program consists of:

  • 12, 2-hour conversations (chosen from those noted below), for a total of 24 hours of classroom training
  • Our 30-day online Habit Builder after each session, to bridge the gap between new skills learned in the 2-hour conversation and establishing lasting habits to use those skills
  • Ongoing, online coaching through the Actionable platform, for approximately 3 hours of coaching throughout the program
  • A report and debrief with senior management following the completion of each 30-day Habit Builder, that will demonstrate how behaviour has changed

Each participant will receive a certificate upon completion of the course, which usually place over 9 – 12 months.

The cost per participant is $3,000. Discounts may be available for larger groups. This fee includes access to the Actionable platform.

A course catalogue is available upon request.

Leading Self

Leading others begins with leading oneself – becoming aware of and understanding inner needs, strengths and weaknesses. With this awareness and assessment, control can be gained over one’s attitudes and belief systems for personal and professional development.

Omni MCA’s conversations relating to ‘Leading Self’ include:

  • Developing You: Time Management
  • Reach Your Goals by Focusing on Habits
  • No Shortcuts
  • Personal Victory: Prioritization
  • Learning to Listen
  • The Words We Use
  • Breakthrough Thinking: Embrace Change
  • Boost Your Mental Fitness
  • Authentic Leadership
  • Personal Saboteurs

Leading Others

Leading Others requires competencies that allow leaders to coach, mentor and motivate others to meet the organization’s vision, mission and strategic objectives, by providing a safe, collaborative and positive workplace culture. In Leading Others, leaders will learn how to provide clear expectations and positive and constructive feedback, foster accountability in the team and drive high performance.
Conversations in “Leading Others” may include:

  • Accountability
  • Performance Management for Employees
  • Career Development for Managers
  • The Mental Warrior
  • Crucial Conversations
  • The Coaching Habit
  • Influencing Change
  • Leaders Paint a Clear Picture – Setting Expectations
  • Promises Made, Promises Kept – Influencing
  • Skill & Will: Fuel for High Performance – Performance

Leading the Organization

Leading the Organization conversations are driven by the unique Strategic Objectives and Strategic Priorities of the business, often articulated in the Strategic Plan (we can help with that too!). The Strategic Plan provides a road map for where the business is headed, and should identify new skills, competencies and employee behavior changes that will be required to deliver on the strategy.

These conversations typically reflect the Strategy and are customized. However, we have noted certain strategic themes and have developed the following “Leading the Organization” conversations:

  • Driving Strategy Implementation
  • The 1% Difference
  • Customer Satisfaction Using the B2B Elements of Value
  • Personal Saboteurs