Strategic Planning

We consider a Strategic Plan to be the foundation of success for our clients. For those businesses that do not have a clearly articulated plan, we can help using our proven approach to understand your current situation, craft a forward thinking plan and support your team with its implementation.

What Our Clients Are Saying

Developing a strategic plan for a not-for-profit, social purpose organization can be a complex exercise, due to the many stakeholders involved. Cheryl had a strong understanding of good governance and her role in interacting with and working with our Board of Directors was appreciated. I feel that the organization will also benefit, in the long run, from some of the more detailed information provided during and after the planning process. The detailed analysis and face-to-face meeting to review the survey results (from surveys they developed, delivered and analyzed) was rich with information that will assist with future planning. I also appreciated the constant follow up of ideas, connections and feedback on aspects of the organization not directly related to the development of our strategic plan but related to other information uncovered by during the process of assisting us.

Strategies do more than lay out a road map for your organization. When done right, they provide many other added benefits:

  • A facilitated strategic planning process can increase team cohesion
  • All of our Strategic Plans come with an Action Plan outlining what needs to be done, by who and when, leading to increased accountability on the team
  • When you work with our Human Resources consultants, you’ll be able to align your strategic objectives with staff performance measures 
  • Everyone on the team is clear on what the organization is trying to achieve, as measured by key performance indicators
  • A common framework for decision making
  • Set the context for budget decisions and performance evaluations, rather than ad hoc decisions
  • Through the process we identify the learning needs of your team and what behaviours need to change for the strategy to be successful

The Omni MCA strategic planning process is different because we customize each plan based on the size and current situation of the company. For some, we spend additional time on the current state assessment, conducting Voice of the Customer and Employee Engagement surveys, or we undertake detailed market research. For others, more time may be spent on the corporate identity (values, mission, vision, purpose).

Developing a Strategic Plan is just the start. Supporting our clients in implementation of their strategies is equally important. We’ll see it through is our Omni MCA brand promise, and that applies to your strategic plan as well.