Coaching can be defined as partnering with leaders in a thought-provoking process that inspires clients to achieve their personal, leadership or business goals.

Our Omni MCA consultants work with our clients to customize their coaching sessions in a way that offers maximum value and the benefits clients experience are based on their specific needs and goals.

Benefits of coaching can include:1

  • Improved teamwork and communication
  • More creative problem solving
  • Stress reduction
  • Better decision making
  • Increased rate of achieving goals (personal and those aligned to your Strategic Plan)
  • Improved accountability to self and others

Typical engagements may include:

  • Joint development of coaching outcomes
  • Regular conversations with additional support via text or email as requested by clients
  • A custom program of self-observation, mindfulness, education, and experiences
  • Feedback and support on business and operational issues
  • Self-assessments against outcomes
  • A plan for what’s next at the conclusion of the coaching relationship

Why hire a coach from Omni? Our clients find coaching to be an excellent use of their time to help solve problems quickly and efficiently. For business owners and senior leaders, they are often are unable to discuss issues with their staff and working with a coach eases the burden, stress and isolation they may feel.

Coaching engagements are available as stand-alone offers, or can be included alongside Strategic Planning, Succession Planning or Assessment services. We believe that what you do is important, but how you do it can be equally important. For example, if your Strategic Plan is what you want to do, how you manage and lead your team to realize those goals is also important. We’ll see it through is the Omni MCA brand promise, and coaching is one of the ways we can support you to ensure you get the results you seek.

1. Adapted from The Institute of Coaching and Ken Blanchard Companies