Now that the second stage of relaunch in Alberta has been announced, many businesses are preparing to reopen, or are settling into new routines at work to keep staff and customers safe and we’d like to share some thoughts and resources:

1. The Alberta government has published a number of resources, including the General Workplace Guidance for Business Owners Re-Opening or Continuing Operations. This document has now been updated with a Relaunch Consideration template for businesses to download.

The government has moved away from making this a mandatory document but we encourage businesses to consider it as a strong tool to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. If you would like some guidance and an opportunity to learn what other businesses are doing, we are available to help. We can also direct you to other provincial resources.

2. An “Employee Pulse Survey” is proving to be a valuable tool to gauge employee well-being, communication, engagement and productivity as workplaces cope with the effects of COVID-19, and therefore guides management decisions and policies (including when and how to return to the workplace). It’s a great way to connect with your staff and help them feel engaged, safe and respected in a time of continued uncertainty.

3. Changes made in the workplace over the past three months may necessitate changes to your employment policies. Consider if now is a time to make amendments to sick time, sourcing and use of PPE, cleaning and sanitation protocols, work-from-home, hours of work, travel and other policies.

4. For those of you who are still have staff working from home, we continue to offer an online team development and engagement program, now covering the following topics:

o Building Resilience
o Re-imagining Work
o Connection for Business Continuity
o Thriving in Uncertainty

As always, feel free to reach out at any time to connect or collaborate.