Our Values

We encourage our clients to develop values statements, and have created our own to guide our work. We strive to live our values every day, through our engagements with clients, with each other and with everyone we collaborate with.

Approachable. It’s not easy to share business issues, and the personal challenges that come with them. Our Omni MCA consultants create a confidential environment that makes it more comfortable to share your story and we’ll respond in a way that is open and honest.


Insightful. With experience that can only come from many years working as trusted advisors to our clients and colleagues, we approach every conversation and challenge with thoughtful consideration, a unique perspective and a willingness to be forthcoming in our thoughts and opinions.

Accountable. We’re not perfect, but strive to be reliable, responsive and dependable. We’re there when you need us. We’re going to watch your budgets, commit to timelines and return phone calls.


Impactful. We never want to write a long report that doesn’t get acted on. This means being clear on what we intend to achieve, showing leadership, collaborating together, implementing solutions, driving value and getting results.

Trusted. Cliché, but true – trust is earned. And while it’s a value of Omni’s, we know that Trust is really the outcome of exhibiting all the other Omni MCA Values.