When someone needs a physician, they call their doctor’s office. When they need assistance with a legal matter, they call an attorney. However, most people don’t think to call a management consultant when they have a business problem. For one, it can be very difficult to articulate the problem. It’s also difficult to know who to call and a Google search turns up a broad array of consultants.

We understand that conundrum.

How can a consultant help my business anyway?  

Well, in lots of ways. Recently we’ve shone a light on three specialty areas: transition planning, organizational design and operational efficiency. The first two topics were presented to the Edmonton Chapter of the Certified General Accountants’ Association of Alberta and the third to a group of private sector business owners and their key staff.

Each presentation was designed to get our audiences thinking more about how they can improve their business and ultimately increase profitability. It is always our goal to educate and provide information that can immediately be put into practice, regardless of whether or not a business embarks on a full business transformation (in this case transition, organizational design or operational efficiency).

  • Transition Planning.

    After years or decades of building a successful business, you find yourself asking, “Where is the exit?” The preferred option is to transfer ownership to family or key employees, but how? Transition is probably one of the most difficult and complex processes a business, and in particular a family business, will experience.  It requires a great deal of thought and pre – planning to ensure successful continuity of the business.

  • Organizational Design.

    Can we design a great car with parts from the best car manufacturers in the world? What will happen if we match the best Mitsubishi transmission with the best Ford engine with the best Pirelli Tires with the … will we produce a great car? No! The parts won’t fit together.

    Organizations are no different. Instilling best practices from great companies from around the world into your company won’t give you a great company either – the pieces won’t fit. Fact is nearly all organizations have evolved but have never been designed. What is needed is a fresh start through design of the organization from scratch.

  • Operational Efficiency. 

    Perhaps one of the most misunderstood areas of management practice is Operational Efficiency, largely because it is equated with saving costs.  But does saving cost, usually by reducing waste, always increase operational efficiency? No! In fact, very often reducing waste does not improve the performance of the organization opposite its’ collective goals. It’s time to rethink operational efficiency.

Omni is available to speak to your group on any of these topics, or simply to sit down one-on-one to discuss basic concepts. If any of these scenarios resonate, let’s arrange to talk.