What do a room full of consultants talk about? We found out recently at a CMC-Alberta luncheon that Omni MCA had the privilege of speaking at on the topic of collaboration in business. We were there to share with our fellow consultants our business model.

The concept of Omni MCA had been percolating for a few years and formally took off last year when Dick, Jeff, Rodger and I agreed to work together to market our consulting services collectively. Marketing as a sole practitioner can be difficult. As a group, we felt we would be able to attract more attention and offer a broader range of services.Collaboration in business, specifically our business, was the topic, and we laid it all on the table. I felt that a post about our talk, and the resulting discussion, would be a great way to launch our blog since it was all about why we launched the alliance and how we work.

The reality is that most companies aren’t aware of the myriad of ways that consultants can assist them. Companies in our target market are hesitant to ask for help, particularly from a multi-national consulting firm or an individual they have never heard of. Yet, we believe the Alberta market for consulting services is huge, under serviced and not living up to its potential.  There are a lot of clients that could benefit from management consulting services and expertise in one form or another and generally speaking, these businesses could be performing so much better than they are. In developing this alliance we offer a more comfortable option – a team of qualified individuals, each with at least 10 years’ consulting experience, that work exclusively for small- and medium-sized businesses. A more accessible option –  you can pick up the phone and get one of us pretty much any time.  With realistic pricing that isn’t out of reach for the average company. As our name suggests, we are an alliance of companies. Omni MCA is not a corporation. It’s not a market-shifting model but it is a bit unique.  The lack of formality obviously made a few people in the audience uncomfortable, but it serves our customers well. We’re not here to build an empire, we don’t intend (at least right now!) to create a stable of junior consultants and administrative staff and at the moment we all still work from home offices. What we really want to do is just be able to help more companies achieve greater things! This was our message to our fellow consultants and this is our message to potential clients.