This Thanksgiving weekend, Omni Management Consulting Alliance is thankful, and delighted, to announce that Dena Gillies has joined our team.

Dena’s 20+ years of experience in human resources is a strong complement to the other services we offer to small- and medium-sized businesses, and she has quickly become an integral part of our consulting alliance. Dena’s appreciation for how human resources fits with the bigger picture of the organization is what sets her apart and makes her such a great asset. Says Dena, “My greatest satisfaction is designing engaged workplaces for my clients where employees are excited to come to work, performing to their potential and are actively supporting the goals of the business.”

Many of our clients are not sufficiently large enough to hire in-house expertise, and it is here that Dena can help structure human resources systems, assist with recruitment, assess workforce costs, provide advice on thorny staff issues and increase employee engagement. If you need help with the people side of your organization, Dena can be reached at

Welcome Dena!