Are you ready for upcoming changes to Alberta’s OH&S legislation?

This is a significant reform to existing legislation, which hasn’t been substantially changed since it was introduced in 1976. The changes enshrine three fundamental rights of workers:
1. The right to know
2. The right to participate in workplace health and safety
3. The right to refuse dangerous work

The Alberta government has put together a comprehensive document outlining these changes, which you can view online.

Will your policy be up to date considering these potential changes?

If you’d rather not wade through all of the legalese, Omni MCA is available to assist with policy revisions. One recent client wrote to us about their experience with Dena:

“The team had the pleasure of working with Dena to revise our Employee Handbook to reflect recent changes in employment legislation and how it related to our business. We found Dena to be very knowledgeable when it came to employment standards and industry practice. As well, she responded quickly to our inquiries and worked closely with the team to create employment policies that were unique and tailored to our organization’s needs. We expect the updated Handbook will support more effective leadership, improved staff communication and greater employee engagement.”

These changes impact your staff as well.

We can also provide training to educate your staff how to implement and adhere to the new legislation. Our colleague James Albers recently developed the STEP-UP course to specifically address workplace harassment and guide leaders and staff through:

  • Knowledge of legislation and requirements around workplace bullying and harassment
  • Defining the issues around bullying and harassment
  • Increased awareness of employee and employer responsibilities around these issues
  • Understanding the impact of bullying and harassment both upon the individual and the organization
  • Review of current policies along with a gap analysis as they relate to the new legislation

Feel free to reach out to us to discuss your current policies and what assistance or training you may need to comply with these changes.