International Business Development

Foreign markets offer a wealth of opportunity for our clients. Growth through international expansion is a major initiative for any organization and working with Omni MCA can help mitigate risk, avoid common pitfalls and break into new markets quickly, thus start generating revenue quickly.

Careful market research and strategy development, helping to choose the right foreign partner and dedicated strategy execution are all services that we offer.

Federal and provincial government funding may be available to offset our consulting fees.

Examples of projects we’ve completed in the past include:

  • Development of an organizational structure for the U.S. operations of a Canadian energy services firm, balancing the technical and managerial skills required for success, with American visa restrictions and requirements
  • 2 years supporting Balinese garment manufacturers to meet the business needs of foreign buyers. These manufacturers were competent in the quality of their product, but had less understanding of business norms and expectations outside of their country and how to market their service
  • A multi-year program to support an Alberta manufacturer strengthen their international dealer network through a series of dealer surveys, follow-up plans, communications and dealer business coaching
  • Supporting clients of a U.K based consulting firm with North American market expansion
  • Target market selection for an Alberta oilfield services company and development of an onboarding and partner engagement process
  • U.S. market expansion for a Manitoba manufacturer opening a facility in the U.S. to service their American clients and satisfy Buy American provisions in their industry. This involved site selection research (i.e. state by state and municipalities within the target state) and a full budget and financial projections
  • U.S. market expansion for a BC natural health products manufacturer, including target market and regulatory research, risk analysis, broker identification and detailed action plan