Human Resources Consulting

Omni Management Consulting Alliance specializes in all the major aspects of running a successful business including the people side. We provide human resources project support and implementation in managing, developing and engaging your company’s employees for maximum achievement.


As your business grows so must your structure. There are often leading indicators to suggest that your business is in need of more HR structure. Perhaps, your employees don’t understand who they report to. Maybe, there is conflict among employees due to lack of role clarity. Or possibly your managers don’t know how to manage simple processes or handle employee issues.  We can build your HR foundation from scratch or modify what is already in place including employment policies, job descriptions, recruitment and on-boarding systems, performance management programs, compensation structures, employee relations support, workplace investigations and more.


Developing your employees and managers is key to keeping pace with the changes in your industry and meeting the objectives of your company. Staff development improves engagement, performance, and productivity by sending a message that your employees are valued. Proper employee development also strengthens your succession-planning pipeline by growing capacity within your organization to ensure future success of your business. Using a variety of assessment tools, Omni MCA designs learning programs and customized training to meet the needs of your business now and into the future. 


Engagement is the discretionary effort that your employees put in to go above and beyond, to provide new and innovative ideas and to speak favourable about your business enhancing your company’s reputation. Employee Engagement is a critical ingredient for productivity and ultimately your company’s profitability. We consult with you and your employees to determine what is working well, what is not and how to raise overall engagement.

Nothing excites us more than seeing our client’s engagement scores go up year over year.