Many of companies may be familiar with the Canada-Alberta Job Grant (CAJG), a funding program that has been around for a few years. It pays for two-thirds of an employee’s total training costs (maximum $10,000/employee), with the employer paying the other one-third.

Good news for our clients!

A recent announcement from the Alberta government has temporarily expanded eligibility which will make it easier to access. More business owners and their teams can now receive the training they need to adapt to the new business environment they find themselves in.
• Mandatory training or courses are now eligible (minimum 21 hours)
• Employers can now train family members
• Customized training is now eligible

On the last point, we’re excited that Omni MCA’s Team Accountability and Strategy Activation programs are now covered. We offer a series of concise training conversations to develop leadership skills and build strategy implementation capacity through the entire organization.

As these are custom programs, reach out to learn how to improve corporate culture, enhance team collaboration, increase personal accountability and ultimately, achieve your corporate objectives.