Over the years I’ve developed fairly wide musical tastes – classical, blues, jazz, rock, techno, even a bit of working man’s opera from time to time.

Occasionally I like my music loud and rough.  But, I remember hearing the music of Nirvana many times some twenty odd years ago and it just seemed like so much noise – ungodly screeching of guitars and tortured screams. It had no redeeming value – at least to me it didn’t.

Now here’s the thing; one day I heard the Nirvana Unplugged In New York album –  it was a world of melody, harmony, sub-harmonies and yes even some delicious subtleties and nuances and I could even understand the vocals. My appreciation for the lyrics, music and musicianship went from zero to rave fast.

The unplugging did the trick – the previous noise had obliterated the now obvious beauty.

There’s a parallel here with consulting as often practiced in the industry today. Lots of times the substance of consulting is masked by a lot of noise – terms, jargon and blather.

At least one of my partners tells me I am sometimes guilty of it too – but what does she know? Fact is consulting should be straight – forward, clear on the problem we’re solving and clear on how we’re going to solve it.

It takes time for a consultant and a client to understand each other and then to be clear on the way they should work together. So, at Omni MCA we review our partner’s plans prior to going through the plan step by step with you until you’re comfortable and we’re comfortable.

Let’s call it ‘consulting unplugged’.