You have likely seen our unique business card with the hole in the middle. When presented to a new acquaintance it is always noticed and almost always commented on, often with a joke.

“Hey, can I get another card. There’s a hole in this one.”
“Who shot a hole through your card?”
“Did you get a discount on these cards?”

You also likely noticed our tag line next to the hole – “We’ll see it through.”

But its more than a tag line to us at Omni MCA, it’s how we create value for our clients. We really want to hear that we got the job done, on time, according to scope, on budget AND that we made a true impact. Music to our ears is a comment like a client wrote recently after Cheryl concluded a Voice of the Customer project:

“I appreciate all you have done for us as a company and my partners and I believe the value brought to us as leaders and owners from the surveys are invaluable – no price tag can be placed on this.”

One of the most crucial ways in which we create value is offering support right to the end, in whichever way suits our clients’ needs best. Rather than just receiving a report, recommendations or a plan, the client may choose ongoing coaching, a check-in once in a while or a formal annual review. Perhaps a client may just want to meet for coffee if they are stuck and need to chat, without the meter running. Sometimes we are asked to dive in a little deeper and help with implementation.

At a CMC conference a couple years ago, CFL legend Michael (Pinball) Clemens spoke. A big takeaway for Dick and Cheryl who attended, was that consultants need to “wear our client’s jersey”. More than standing on the sidelines and watching our clients, we need to wear their team jersey. Be a fan, be a cheerleader, be a coach, be a part of the team. “Wear your client’s jersey” was Pinball’s way of saying “We’ll see it through” and it’s very important to all of us.

Ultimately, we want our clients to be successful, and in more than 60 years of collective consulting experience, we’ve found that business owners want more than a consultant who is focused only on project deliverables. They want a trusted advisor that can be counted on to “See it through.”