Time to start enjoying retirement but can’t seem to transition out of your business?

Stuck in a rut and struggling to find time to move your business forward?

Can’t get the team working in the same direction?

Made a bad hire and don't want to do that again?

We know.


Meet For a Consultation

The first step is easy and there’s no obligation. All you have to do is sit down with our team and tell us about your business and your needs. Where do you want to take your business?


Our Team Analyzes Your Needs

We take a look at your business’s past successes and challenges, its current situation, the marketplace in which it operates, and any relevant industry trends. You need a complete strategy for success. We need a complete picture of your business.

And Then

Build a Plan Together

It’s about what works – bold strategies and new ways to grow your market share and profits. We’ll plan them together so that it’s right for you and your operations.


We’ll see it through

That’s our commitment to you. After both parties agree on a strategy and method of implementation, our team helps put it into action, guiding you along the way. At Omni, we like to see the value of our consultation services transform into real benefits for you and your business. Faster operations, greater share of the market, bigger profits. Our success is measured by yours.